Elements of gospel featured and appropriated in the popular music

1. List the four elements of gospel featured and appropriated in the popular music of the later 1940s and 1950s, and explain which elements contributed to popular music in the early 1960s (this could , Girl Groups, Motown, and the British Invasion). [Dave Headlam, Gospel to 1950s and , and 1960s soul, in The Cambridge Companion to Blues and Gospel Music, ed. by Allan Moore (Cambrige: Cambridge University Press, 2002), Music 9 reader, pp. 11419.]
3. What was the most by what Christgau calls the love crowd that converged at the ? How did the Festival reconcile the values of the love crowd with commerce? What do you think of Christgaus assessment of the performances he witnessed at the Festival? [Robert Christgau, Anatomy of a Love Festival, Esquire (Jan. 1968), Music 9 reader, pp. 28490.]
4. Explain briefly how the music made by Crosby, Stills Nash and Young, James Taylor and Simon

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