Employment Law Assignment Help

Employment Law Assignment Help
Hi, need to submit a 3000 words essay on the topic 5ELW Employment Law.
The company prefers to employ younger people because it finds that their lifestyles permit them to work more flexibly than older people with family commitments.
Employment Law Assignment Help
REFER: You have explained when contracts can be changed lawfully. You need to reword the highlighted text as I’m assuming you mean the employees could be dismissed and re-hired, this needs to be clearly stated. You have however discussed the dangers associated with this approach. You have recommended offering an incentive in the first instance.
Employment Law Assignment Help
REFER: You have explained the use of a selection matrix as a method of redundancy selection. You need to explain the consultation requirements for redundancy (i.e. the timescales involved). You should also explain the need for individual consultation as well. You need to explain that trade unions officials should be involved in the process (or elected representatives). You could also have discussed redundancy pay and the possibility of finding alternative employment for the employees concerned.
Employment Law Assignment Help
REFER: You have explained the information that must be provided to the new employer. You need to explain what information should be given to the trade union official. You also need to explain some of the questions the employees might ask in relation to this transfer.
Employment Law Assignment Help
REFEREmployment Law Assignment Help: You have made a start on this section Viktoria however more detail is needed to satisfy the assessment criteria. You need to review the Working time Regulations in more detail e.g. what are the rest breaks? How do the regulations apply to younger workers? You have established the possible problems associated with split shifts. You also need to explain the specific issues of on call and night working. You need to mention the requirement to offer a health assessment. You have discussed the National Minimum Wage and have identified the possibility of age discrimination. You also need to explain annual leave entitlement.
REFER: This section is very brief.

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