Engineering Systems Perspective Discussion

Engineering Systems Perspective Discussion
What does reporting have to do with engineering technology?
It turns out that every field requires communication. Furthermore, as outlined in Lesson 3, there are aspects of engineering technology education that managers and early career engineers agree need reinforcing. This discussion topic is intended to focus on the big picture, a ‘Systems Perspective’.
The NSPE BOK reference which lists item 15. Systems Engineering is something you need to review for this discussion.
Systems engineering seeks to make the best use of personnel, material, equipment, and energy. Application of systems engineering will enable you to analyze the pros and cons of alternative design options and assist in the selection of an optimized design alternative based on overall system characteristics and performance.
This last discussion encourages you to take a big picture approach and apply systems engineering principles to your engineering technology education. Combine past discussion areas to tie everything together for the remainder of the course. You now understand what a Gantt chart is – get one submitted outlining In-Class assignments if you haven’t done so already. We see now how standards and communication go hand-in-hand and are both required to create efficient and effective organizations. All of this is easier to understand and explain if we can incorporate practical experience related to local companies using concrete examples.
Answer the following and provide your commentary for the following:
Why are companies in business?, Does this apply to Sinclair Community College (SCC)?
Present an alternative design option connected to the company you are using as a case study.
– High-level, systems perspective; show how the company might perform/operate differently
Present an alternative design option related to engineering technology education at SCC.
– High-level, systems perspective; show how the MET program might operate differently
Provide an analysis (pros and cons) of alternative design suggested by another student
Practical Experience
Systems Perspective
Project Management

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