Enhancing Cyber Security In Healthcare

Enhancing Cyber Security In Healthcare
Topic is “Enhancing Cyber Security In Healthcare -With The Help Of Machine Learning”.
Research Questions:
How can we control the access to sensitive healthcare information and systems?
How to provide data security for affected healthcare data breaches?
How to enhance the cybersecurity in healthcare to overcome the cyber attacks ?
11.1 Mock Dissertation Chapter One Introduction
Enhancing Cyber Security In Healthcare
Overview: As you observed in the LIVE session, there is a connection between the  chapter three and chapter one. Therefore, as an extension of our week in the mock chapter three from last week, we will write a mock chapter one. For the sake of preparation, we will be using the required headings from the University of the Cumberlands Dissertation Handbook. As we discuss in class, each university has unique parameters for what they expect in chapter one, so you may see papers from other universities that look slightly different. The importance here is to focus on the content, not necessarily the organization. This assignment will help determine your readiness to write a full-length chapter one.
1. Review the rubric and examples to make sure that you understand what is expected of you in this assignment.
a. Chapter One Samples.pdf Chapter One Samples.pdf – Alternative Formats
b. Rubric for Chapter One.docx Rubric for Chapter One.docx – Alternative Formats
2. Develop a 3-4 page (more is fine) mock chapter one to include the following expectations from the university:

o Overview (1-2 well-developed paragraphs)
o Background and problem statement (1-2 well developed paragraphs)
o Purpose of the study (1 well developed paragraph)
o Significance of the study (1 well developed paragraph)
o Research Questions (numbered list)
o Limitations of the Study (1 short paragraph)
o Assumptions (1 short paragraph)
o Definitions (list)
o Summary (1 well developed paragraph)
3. Turn in your “mock” chapter one to the submission box.
Enhancing Cyber Security In Healthcare

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