Essay on Book Summary and Review

Going Public: New Strategies of Presidential Leadership by Samuel Kernell
Presidents use sympathetic crowds rally public opinion to his side (promote himself and his policies) going public remains a potent weapon in the president’s arsenal, for advocating his own agenda and blocking initiatives from adversaries in Congress.
This strategy continues to evolve given the intense polarization of Congress and the electroate AND changes in communications technology
Implications of these factors (especially in combination) on the future of presidential leadership the lessons of 9/11 on going public in foreign affairs
Going public means making direct appeals to voters in order to scare Congress into passing legislation that hte…show more content…
so the president must mobilize the electorate to pressure Washington elites to submit to the president’s leadership.
Going public conflicts with bargaining in several ways: ** it often includes fluff, not the substantial exchanges necessary for bargaining it does not extend benefits for compliance but imposes costs for noncompliance. more like a threat than a mutually advantageous bargain it entails posturing, it hardens positions and makes bargaining more difficult it undermines the legitimacy of other politicans, Congress in particular (p3-4) individualized is the preferred strategy by modern presidents examples of successes
Chapter 3 – How the presidents entering washington have changed: outsiders and divided government
Truman: cooperation
ONLY OUTSIDERS CAN GO PUBLIC gp is a strategy for independent politicians with few group or institutional loyalties and who aren’t so interested in sacrificing short-term gain for hte longer-term advantages of bargaining. when gp, a president seeks to mobilize other politicans’ supporters on his behalf. usually, a particular audience or constituency is targeted with a particular message.
*organization is crucial to success.
Chapter 4: the President and the press how the press has led to the trend of going public charts to show trend (beginning of chapters) the Washington press corps’ relationship to executive has changed with the transformation in the political

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