Essay on Confronting Inequality

Confronting Inequality
In the article “Confronting Inequality” Paul Krugman compares the new millennia to the 1970’s and has many financial stats to back his theory of income inequality. He backs up his claims with facts and figures, but also gives his own solutions to these problems. Krugman states, “ The ugliness of our politics is in large part a reflection of the inequality of our income distribution.”  He states that in the 1960’s was that the governments was in place to sere the best interests of society and that many in modern society believe that government only serves “a few big interests”.  
His other argument is comparing or capital gains tax to that of other countries. Paul backs up his argument,…” very highly trained…show more content…
What really is bothersome and infuriates me on a personal level is that jobs are exported abroad and yet you hear that the “the immigrants are wrecking the system.” Many people assume that illegal immigrants come to this country because they want to live the American dream. I have to agree with that, however, I have to disagree with what has been said in the past that many have lost their jobs due to those immigrants that are willing to do the job for minimum wage and most often willing to do it for less. They too pay taxes on those few dollars they earn for their hard work.
I agree that we need to find a solution for income equality as well as social equality, something that more than likely never occur. No one’s race or culture is better than the next, we should all be “entitled to an equal chance.” Bottom line is, we all want to provide a better living as well as a better education for our children in an equal society. I feel the government should do more to reduce it, Economic inequality has not only created unequal opportunity in our country, but has left the lower and middle income families to struggle, damaging our society. Economic inequality, the extent of disparity between high income and low income households, is rising in the United States. The rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer. Some argue that economic inequality is beneficial as it motivates an individual to “innovate and specialize to create goods

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