Essay on London 2012 Olympics

As stated before, the Olympic Games have become a mega event in size and complexity compared to what it was in its beginning during Athens 1896 Olympics, when only 241 amateur athletes competed in mini sports. Therefore, the number of risks that can take place during the even has increased significantly including aspects such as infrastructure, finance, operations, security and including natural hazards as well as manmade hazards. The London Olympics 2012 (OSSSRA) has considerate different types of manmade hazard such attacks on crowded places, attacks to the transport system and other terrorists attacks that may occur during the event. As London has experience different terrorist attacks in the past such as the bombings in…show more content…A Similar issue was found in the London Olympics where an increase of £25 million was attributed to the design of the velodome, after finding out the complex foundation and ground conditions. The changes to the design of the stadium roof also increased costs for the main stadium for London 2012. Other issue was the unexpected fluctuations such as the increase in steel prices (Jennings, 2012).London 2012 as well as the other Olympics games experienced an overrun of its budget. However, London Olympics’ risks management helped to reduce costs and save approximately £470 million through the release of risks (ODA, 2011).The success of an organisation’s risks management can be determined by how well the organisation is able to distinguish risks, as there can be risks that cannot be foreseen and others which can be avoided through planning. Looking at what happened during the Atlanta 1996 Olympics when operational and logistic problems cause journalist to start reporting on “the glitch games”, it can be said that some risks are originated by poor decision making and misjudgements in planning assumptions (Jennings, 2012). In the past Olympic organisers mainly focused on reaction to a risk and ways to recover from it by developing safety plans, now organisers consider risks mitigation as a crucial aspect for the Olympic Games. This is the case for the London 2102 Olympics where military rehearsals were staged on the River

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