Evaluate complex IS-enabled business environments

Apply theory, models, and/or frameworks to analyze and evaluate complex IS-enabled business environments.
The module empowered me with the knowledge to critically evaluate and analyse the complex environment under the manifestation of information systems. Businesses use business information systems to undertake daily operations ranging from manufacturing to human resource management, including sales and marketing. Business information systems are intensively modified to handle information and interactions for effective business operation. Many business operators believe in technology to eliminate human errors and attain the best business performance. The use of the internet is crucial in this case, and all the IS-enabled operations are mostly done under a well-established organizational internet networking. Networking technologies help collect, store, and share information within the business environment. Upon the rise of technology, and its advancements, the complexity of the business environment has grown. The module presented the complexity based on different aspects, including business-IT alignment, information systems, business processes, management, and productivity, and predicted jobless future. 

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