Examining Perspectives on Religion, Authority, and Social Order: Analysis of Historical Accounts in Joan of Arc and Leviathan

Part I:
In The Trial of Joan of Arc the author is on the side of the Catholic Church. In many places in 330-338 it is expressed that Jeanne was not allowed by The clergy to violate the inviolability of the Catholic Church, that she violated the sacred law, the Bible, and the canons of the Church “the clergy declare that you blaspheme against God, despising Him and His sacraments,” (The Trial of Joan of Arc 332). The author, though described from a neutral point of view, recorded the words of Chevalier d’Angouleme when writing “Cheer up, my friends! Let us do thoroughly that which we have begun. The king commands it.” (De Thou para7) was clearly in favor of the Reformation, and criticized and despised the slaughter. In “Martin Luther’s 95 Theses.” several ordinances show that, contrary to the wishes of the Pope and the clergy, faith in God was unchanged, but the meaning of the church itself had changed so much that it was in favor of the Reformation. And played a major role in the Reformation (Martin Luther 2, 6, 20)
Part II:
In Leviathan, the author describes the execution of Charles I in a more political direction, emphasizing the necessity of establishing an authoritative government to maintain social order. Hobbes believes that the execution of Charles I endangers the central authority, which leads to civil unrest and the breakdown of order. “and which is worst of all, continual fear, and danger of violent death; and the life of man, solitary, poor, nasty, brutish, and short. (Hobbes Chapter XIII para9) “This can also be confirmed in The Execution of Charles I recorded by Hume, “Others fell into convulsions, or sunk into such a melancholy as attended them to their grave” and also “throughout the whole nation, as soon as the report of this fatal execution was conveyed to them”.(Hume)

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