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Please write 2 essays, 300 words or more each.  No plagerizing but cite your sources. 
Discuss the reaction of elite and average New Yorkers to Parliamentary Taxation. What were the causes, progress, and results of the Stamp Act Riots? How did the partisan conflict between the DeLancey and Livingston factions shape the response to British policy? What was the impact of the Boston Tea Party and the Intolerable Acts on New York ?
What role did women and minorities play in New York at the start of the American Revolution? How did Loyalists and Patriots (Liberty Boys, Sons of Liberty) respond to the events leading to independence?
How did the Revolution transform New York society? How were average white people (farmers, artisans, etc), African-Americans and Native American Indians impacted by the Revolution? How democratic wasNew York ’s revolutionary era constitution?
How did the battles fought in New York determine the course of the Revolution? How did the 1779 Sullivan Campaign against the Iroquois shape the course of the war in New York? What does it say about relations between white Americans and native American peoples?
Discuss the Newburgh Conspiracy, which took place at Newburgh , New York , and its importance (read the article by Richard H. Kohn, “The Inside History of the Newburgh Conspiracy”). What were the reasons behind the conspiracy? What did the conspirators in Congress and the Continental Army hope to achieve? What was George Washington’s response to the conspiracy and how did it shape the outcome of the American Revolution?
Discuss the importance and accomplishments of George Clinton as New York State’s first governor. Discuss Alexander Hamilton and his role in New York politics. What role did he play in New York ’s ratification of the Constitution?
Discuss the development of political parties (Federalist and Republican) in New York in the 1790s.
Discuss the Burr-Hamilton Duel. (read the articles by Joanne Freeman and W.J. Rorabaugh). Why did Burr challenge Hamilton and why did he accept? What role did their rivalry in New York politics play? How did the duel reflect the idea of honor in New York and the early republic? How did the duel impact New York and national politics?

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