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1 – Execute a chained UNIX command to display ONLY the TOTAL amount of disk space available on either your personal Linux environment. (Hint: You will use a pipe | and another command from Chapter 6.)
2 – Write a chained UNIX command that displays the number of PDF files contained within a specified directory. Note that you are not being asked to perform this command on the system, but to simply write the command you would use to accomplish the task. (Hint: You will use one command from Chapter 7, two pipes, and one command from Chapter 6.)
3 – Explain the difference between the finger, who, and w commands. Why would you use one over the other?
1. a. Change your bash shell prompt to display as follows, using your own actual user id, please userid currentDate currentTime $
b. Make the change permanent, so the new prompt displays every time you log in.
2. In your home directory, create a new directory called “bin”. Add the path to this new “bin” subdirectory to the PATH variable, permanently.
3. Create the following aliases. Make these changes permanent so the aliases exist the next time you log in.
4. Add a line to your config file that displays a welcome message similar to the following (using your own name, of course). Hint: perform a man lookup on the “echo” command. Welcome, Michael! NOTE: It is probably a good idea to log out and then back into your shell and double-check that the changes above work as expected.

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