Explain the separation of powers doctrine

ESSAY: SEPARATION OF POWERS ASSIGNMENT INSTRUCTIONS OVERVIEW These essay assignments provide you with a unique opportunity to delve deeper into and develop a better understanding about important topics through thoughtful and intentional research and writing. The capacity to understand, master, and communicate intelligently about complex ideas begins with effective research and writing. Your essay assignments provide this unique opportunity to expand your knowledge and ability to communicate about topics of consequence related to America’s founding, its structure of government, and the subsequent impact on American court systems. INSTRUCTIONS For this assignment you will assess, analyze, and explain the separation of powers doctrine and its related principles. In this assignment you will explain why the Founders separated power as a foundation constitutional requirement. You will also address the Founders’ most basic understanding of the human condition and whether or not this separation of power is necessary and consistent with biblical principles. ? Length of assignment should be between 400 and 450 words ? Apply APA format ? A minimum of three citations ? A minimum of three sources to include assigned reading, the Bible, and outside/additional scholarly materials published within the last five years. Note: Your assignment will be checked for originality via the Turnitin plagiarism tool

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