Exploring Shared Themes: A Comparative Analysis of Dual Inheritance and Bicultural Experience in the Works of Lessing, Achebe, Ngugi, and Head

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Reading Assignment: Doris Lessing (THE OLD CHIEF MSHLANGA)
Study Guide: Doris Lessing (THE OLD CHIEF MSHLANGA)
Reading Assignment: Chinua Achebe (CHIKE’S SCHOOL DAYS)
Study Guide: Chinua Achebe (CHIKE’S SCHOOL DAYS)
Reading Assignment: Ngugi Wa Thiong’o (WEDDING AT THE CROSS)
Study Guide: Ngugi Wa Thiong’o (WEDDING AT THE CROSS)
Reading Assignment: Bessie Head (THE DEEP RIVER)
Study Guide: Bessie Head (THE DEEP RIVER)
Taken together, the Norton’s author introductions to Lessing, Achebe, Ngugi, and Head contain at least four “concept-clusters,” each of which could be used in conjunction with the introduction to the author in question, as a key for exploring that author’s work.
Here are the four “concept-clusters:”
(1) Dual Inheritance and Bicultural Experience
(2) Cultural Conflict, Historical Change, Past Tradition, and Present Individuality
(3) The Adventure of Self-Discovery, the Adventure of Consciousness and Conscience
(4) Irony, Ambiguity, Compassion, and Conflicting Sympathies
The “concept-clusters” are derived from the works of authors with distinctive characteristics that set them apart but also some shared concerns in common; they are made up of abstract ideas and themes all of which are present in one way or another in each of the works by the authors that we are exploring here.
Choose ONE of the four concept-clusters and discuss how its themes are explored in at least TWO of our authors this module:  Lessing, Achebe, Ngugi, and/or Head.
Please title your Discussion post with the NUMBER of the concept-cluster you choose and the NAMES of the authors you discuss.

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