Extremely Diverse Consisting Of Thousands

Life on Earth is extremely diverse consisting of thousands of distinct ethnic groups around the world (CIA World Fact Book).  Peace or violence, communion or war, these are the two options of divergent groups living amongst each other. In Rwanda, the ethnic tribes have lived through both scenarios of harmonious unity and brutal division. Before colonialism, ethnic tribes inhabiting Rwanda, the Tutsi, Twa,and Hutu, coexisted and assigned jobs to each ethnicity in order to survive and thrive in a peaceful environment. Unfortunately, this commune was interrupted by German colonists who claimed control of the small country, disturbing the peace. The colonists differentiated the three ethnicities inhabiting Rwanda, sprouting seeds of jealousy,…show more content…
A well-off Hutu was able to wed a Tutsi girl as their wife in order to cast off his being Hutu. This shows the ease and ability to move up on the social scale. It also shows the lack of hatred and differentiation of the ethnicities. If hatred had been prevalent before colonialism, the racist views between ethnic tribes would have halted the marriages which combined ethnicities.
The ease and peace between the tranquil tribes took a turn for the worse when colonists invaded Rwanda. First colonized by the Germans, Rwanda was soon transferred to Belgium due to a treaty between the nations. Both sets of colonists sought to convert the ethnicities to Christianity and to claim land for colonial trade. The German and Belgian colonial presence and ideals began to construct the separatism of the ethnicities, differentiating them, and causing ethnic tensions to grow.  
As colonialism differentiated the ethnicities, a hatred began to emerge. After World War I, Belgium controlled Rwanda as a token of war and treated the country as such. Belgian administrators falsely speculated that governmental power in Rwanda should be organized by ethnic groups.   Abruptly, they decided to establish a state run by the Tutsi tribe because they thought of the Tutsi as the natural rulers of Rwanda. In order to only have Tutsi governmental officials, the colonizers convinced the ethnic tribes that there were physical

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