Faculty Of Business And Law Assignment

Faculty Of Business And Law Assignment
This is an individual assignment – complete both tasks 1 and 2
Background: The assignment is intended to bring out the benefits and limitations of different approaches to project planning and control by relating these to the circumstances in the cases outlined. It is also intended to allow students to demonstrate their learning and competence in respect of the effective project management with focus on resources, trade-offs among scope, cost and time, as well as key elements of the project life cycle.
Task 1 (40 marks) 700 words ( /- 10%) each short answer question requires a response in a few sentences for the questions awarded up to 4 – 6 marks and a paragraph for questions awarded up to 8 – 10 marks. Citations are essential to demonstrate students’ ability to fulfill academic writing style in accordance to Harvard referencing.
1) There are numerous literatures that identify different models for Project Life Cycle (PLC). Write short notes to discuss the role of the Project Life Cycle in Project Management.(8 marks)
2) Clear Sight Pte Ltd – a market leader that manufactures high-end optical scope fitted on hunting rifles for the past 30 years. Recently the top management has decided to diversify the business by applying its propreitary technology to develop a top-quality binocular. Which project structure would you recommend for your organisation? Together with a diagram, write short notes to describe the proposed structure and provide appropriate justifications to support your recommendation.(6 marks)
3) Your department is undergoing expansion and the work area needs to be reconfigured in order to accommodate additional headcount in the months ahead. Appointed as the project manager to spearhead the renovation work, you have mapped out the activities and durations in the table below:
Activity ID
Preceding Activity
Activity Duration
Remove Existing Workstations
Reconfigure Layout

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