Family Planning Homework Assignment

Family Planning Homework Assignment
Running head:
Student Name
University Name
Data Sources
The Hypotheses
What is your hypothesis?
Definition of Key Terms
Family Planning: A program that involves methods for the prevention of pregnancy by use of contraceptives, and to regulate the number and spacing of children within a family.
Sex Education:
Birth Limiting:
Birth Spacing:
What are the assumptions of the study?
Importance of this study
Explain why the study is necessary.
A Review of any related literature
Write a review of related literature
Examples of Data and Treatment
Examples go here
Research Methodology
Explain research methods here
Specific treatment of the data for each problem as defined
Explain treatment of the data for each problem
Statistics to be used in the research analysis
This is an example: The statistical data on prescribing antibiotics for acute sinusitis, 30 million individuals yearly in the United States. While 85 % to 98 % were prescribed antibiotics, while the guidelines clearly stated that the antibiotics are not need for most of the patients. The statistical data for the costs are that due to MRSA infections the cost of the stay was higher than a person that did not have the bloodstream infection. The cost for one to receive treatment of MRSA was $287,200, or $14,360 a patient. Methods to come to these findings are incidence of 4.12 % of MRSA cases per 1,000 hospital admissions. Patient costs were also used to come to the total cost of the hospitalized patients care and treatment with MRSA.
Qualifications of the researcher and associates
The following are examples:
Dr. Jennie G. Noll, University of Cincinnati College of Medicine
Dr. Chad E. Shenk, University of Cincinnati College of Medicine
Evie Becker-Lausen, Department of Psychology, University of Connecticut
Proposed outline of the proposed study (steps to be taken, time line, etc.) Timeline
(Range of dates goes here)
Obtain approval from university committee*
Obtain approval from Instructor*
Obtain permission from participants*
Continue to review data*
Complete analysis data*
Draft and proofread document
Complete and deliver proposal to the instructor

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