Fashion and Gender PowerPoint Presentation

Fashion and Gender PowerPoint Presentation
Final Project
Deadline: Thursday, December 16. This is the final deadline for this project and for all work assigned for this class. Students who are unable to complete the paper by this date must contact the professor to arrange an Incomplete for the course.
Special Note on Plagiarism:
Be very careful to avoid plagiarism on this final assignment. Final projects containing any plagiarized materials will earn zero credit.
How has your experience of studying the history of fashion this semester changed or otherwise affected the way that you see the role of fashion in your own life and in our world today? Feel free to be creative in this final assignment and shape the project to suit your interests, focusing on the local or global, on your personal history or on national politics, for instance. Use and reflect on the books that we have read this semester, and incorporate visual sources (paintings, museum objects, etc.) into your project.
You may present your final project in the form of a paper (5-7 pages long, with a minimum of 5 pages) with citations and a bibliography, or in a digital medium (PowerPoint, video, website, etc.). A digital presentation should have original content equivalent to at least a 5-page paper and must be accompanied by an annotated bibliography (this is a bibliography with a few sentences for each entry describing the source and explaining what it contributed to your project).
Paper option:
– 5-7 pages (5-page minimum); number all pages; 12-point Times New Roman font, double-space, 1” margins, no extra spacing between paragraphs.
– Include captions for all images and cite sources as needed (MLA or Chicago style).
– Include a bibliography of all sources used (does not need to be annotated).
Other media:
– Content should be equivalent to that of a 5-page paper; videos should be no longer than 10 minutes.
– Whatever format you use, be sure to credit your sources and images appropriately.
– Include an annotated bibliography describing all sources used.

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