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You always provide very insightful research, and I enjoyed reading your post this week. I have a question about the statement; “Humans have normalized the classifications we use to define ourselves”. Are the classifications self-imposed or externally imposed? What are your thoughts based on the research listed below and what the Robbers Cave experiment found?
The Robbers Cave experiment showed that hostility can arise between two groups in conflict and competition for scarce resources. Even if, Sheriff’s primary objective in conducting the Robber Cave Experiment was to investigate how members of a particular social group interact and evolve.  Has the world or this country over the last ten years resurfaced and shown its head on the purpose or outcome of this experiment, or are we born with this trait, or are we all members of both intergroups and intragroup?  An easy way to define intergroup conflict is to think about intergroup conflict vs. intragroup conflict: intergroup conflict is two teams fighting against each other, whereas intragroup conflict is two or more members of the same team fighting each other. I wanted to share some research I found when I went back to research this experiment a little deeper.
Racial resentment of whites toward blacks measured in this manner appears to be less prevalent among younger people (Nteta

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