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The final essay for the course forces you to take a step forward in your abilities.  Thus far, you have worked with one text at a time–one poem, one short story, and one play.  Now, you are tasked with addressing TWO works at the same time.  There are several ways to work with more than one text: For this assignment, you will be writing a Comparative Essay.
Here are the steps:
1) Complete the reading (see Week Eight Readings above) concerning “Comparative Essay” and “Synthesis“;
2) Use the following 2 poems to complete is assignment: Home Burial by RObert Frost and Ezra Pond’s The River Merchant’s Wife: A Letter
3) Write an essay of 750-1000 words that compares elements of the two different works.  You might consider, for example, comparing the plots of two stories, or the characters in two plays, or the symbols in two poems, etc.  Use this rubric to assist you in understanding how your work will be graded.  
Do not use any outside sources other than the short story in our textbook.
You are using TWO poems and analyzing them using the elements of the genre you selected.  Whichever elements you select, you are always connecting that element to meaning.  Be aware that an essay about plot is NOT a plot summary.  As before, I recommend including summaries of the works, no more than five – six sentences each, as the first body paragraph of your essay, so that readers less familiar with these works will be able to follow your analysis better; therefore, these summaries should logically lead to and support your analysis,not be used to “kill”space.
Be sure to use MLA documentation in the form of parenthetical citations and a “Works Cited” page (multiple works from an anthology; click this link, and scroll down to “Multiple short works from one collection or anthology”).
When complete, upload your work, and the associated Turnitin Originality Report, to the Assignment Folder within the link “Final Essay”

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