Financial Crisis World Wide

Financial Crisis World Wide All around the globe communities, no matter the race, have been experiencing a drastic crisis. A crisis so drastic the youth of the world, in some cases, are being deprived of the nourishment they need to survive. Families, which have been residing in the same area for generations, are being forced out of their homes. The financial crisis the United States experienced in 2007 not only effected the United States, but the rest of the world as well. The last time the world saw such an enormous crisis was during the great depression, which lasted nearly 10 years, from 1929-1939. The rich became more wealthy and powerful, while the poor, who make up the majority of society, lost everything they owned. The average family struggled to make ends meet, causing the production of material items to slow down. Because of this, factories, along with other types of big businesses, began to close their doors. Once doors closed, men and women began getting laid off, which essentially led to them losing their jobs all together. Job loss led to a lack of steady income, which made it nearly impossible for families to pay their mortgage and loans. Big Men who were on top, or in power, were more worried about collecting debt than boosting the economy. I believe these same Big Men were the reason society saw the market crash in 2007. With saying that, I will be discussing what lead up to the market crashing, along with why the market crashed in the United

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