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Surname 1 Name Professor Course Date Negative Impacts of Genetically Modified Foods Introduction Genetically Modified Foods (GMO) are becoming a significant concern and have led to several controversies concerning environmental, economic, and health issues. There have been doubts concerning the safety and production of these foods. Furthermore, concerns have been raised on the GMO foods unforeseeable health effects. According to Zhang. et al. (116), GM foods incorporate plants and animals which have been genetically engineered for consumption by applying the latest molecular biology techniques. Modification of these plants improve their nutritional contents as well as increase their resistance against pests. Despite their advantages, GMO foods are have raised, environmental risks, human health risks, and economic concerns.Disadvantages and Impacts of GMO Foods Environmental Risks GMO foods pose significant dangers to the environment due to their breeding andcultivation techniques. First, crops that are genetically manipulated to become herbicide resistance are likely to pose a substantial threat to the environment. As Koryga-Wszoek., et al. (157) illustrates, when GM crops are grown, they can inevitably cause the growth of weeds that are likely to become resilient to herbicides and pesticides. These many need more potent andUnlock now to access the rest of this document!

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