Fostering an Ethical Corporate Culture: Analysis, Design, and Recommendations

There are many practical applications of ethics and ways to foster an ethical culture. You have encountered several strategies found in the ebooks used in this course.
Follow these steps to complete the assignment. For all of these steps, make sure you provide examples and information from credible sources to support your writing and claims.
Step 1: Analyze the components that make up an ethical corporate culture.
Describe the components that constitute a company’s corporate culture:
What are the company’s values?
What are the company’s ideals?
What are the company’s assumptions?
Explains how all of these components work together to create a company’s ethical corporate culture.
Step 2: Design a plan for creating an ethical corporate culture.
Explain how you will go about designing a plan to help your client create an ethical corporate culture.
Analyze the organization’s current corporate climate including its ethical culture.
Describe the ethical behaviors demonstrated in this organization, such as their business practices. Also, include how people or the general public perceive the ethics of this organization based on the current corporate climate and business practices.
Explain how you will know if people are adopting the new ethical corporate culture. For example, if you created an educational program, you might track the number of people who complete the program.
Step 3: Recommend learning strategies to foster ethical corporate culture.
Recommend 3–4 learning strategies for your selected organization that will foster ethical corporate culture, including how you will employ them to sensitize employees to ethical issues.
Explain why your recommendations are appropriate and will provide the desired outcomes. Be sure to connect your rationale to the analysis of the organization’s current climate and ethical culture.
Select three learning strategies that can be used to help support employees and explain why these are the appropriate strategies.

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