Foundations And Methods In Community Health

Foundations And Methods In Community Health
Unit I Scholarly Activity
11% of course grade
For this assignment, you are to interview a community health worker (CHW) in your own community or one that is personally relevant or interesting to you. This could be a community that you want to learn more about such as where you previously lived, a community you plan to move to, or perhaps one where you have family located Recall the tips given at the end of the unit lesson to locate a CHW.
Note: You will continue to use this same community as you complete future assignments in this course. It is highly recommended you read your syllabus and the assignment instructions for the remaining units before deciding on which community to choose.
After your interview with the community health worker, you will write a paper detailing your findings. Your interview and subsequent research should yield answers to the following questions:
· In your introduction, identify the history of the CHW and his or her current role and involvement in the community. What role does the CHW now play in the community? What benefit does he or she afford the community?
· What are some issues that CHWs deal with in the community? Are they specific to that community? If so, why? Are there any barriers CHWs deal with in addressing these issues? How can CHWs work to overcome these barriers?
· What type of health care and/or community health frameworks do CHWs use most in their position? Are any not currently being used that you or your interviewee feel would be useful?
· Identify what you found most interesting or useful about your interview with the CHW.
Your paper must be a minimum of two pages, not counting the title and reference pages. Your paper should include an introduction and be well organized.
You must use a minimum of one source (other than your interviewee; proper APA format for personal communication can be found below) to support your findings and opinions. One of these sources may be your textbook. All sources used must be referenced; paraphrased and quoted material must have accompanying citations. Your paper, including all references and citations, must be formatted in APA style.
APA Example: Personal communications like interviews, emails, and conversations are not retrievable, but it is important to show the source of the information. Include in-text citations for personal communications within the text of the paper only. They will not be listed on the references page. See the examples below.
J. M. Newsome (personal communication, May 30, 2017) expressed …
…span of time (V. P. DeLuca, personal communication, August 9, 2017).
The following tutorial from the CSU Writing Center on in-text citations is a helpful resource. Review the tutorial In-Text Citations: The Basics to learn more.

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