Friendship formations among couples in the Westgate Housing

Question 1
In 1950, Festinger, Schachter, and Back among couples in the Westgate Housing Project at MIT. They found that residents were most likely to be friends with people:
similar to them.
of the same gender.
who their partners befriended first.
who lived close to them.
Question 2
Sarah is an excellent golfer, but Frankie is still learning the game. When hitting a bucket of balls at the , a group gathers around and watches Sarah and Frankie hit drives. The presence of other people is likely to cause:
both Sarah and Frankie to perform better than when they golf without observers.
both Sarah and Frankie to perform worse than when they golf without observers.
Sarah to perform better than when she golfs without observers but Frankie to perform worse.
Frankie to perform better than when he golfs without observers but Sarah to perform worse.
Question 3
John perceives his relationship with Susan as having many rewards and few costs, so he feels fairly satisfied. However, John also perceives that there are many other women in his environment who could provide even more benefits and . Therefore, John has __________ and may be more likely to end his relationship with Susan.
a lot of
few alternative relationships
high satisfaction
low satisfaction
Question 4
Ellen is not concerned about Alex abandoning her and believes that she is well-liked. Alex, however, is concerned that Ellen is untrustworthy and will not reciprocate his desires for intimacy. According to this scenario, Ellen has a __________ attachment style, and Alex has a __________ attachment style.
secure; dismissing
secure; preoccupied
preoccupied; dismissing
fearful; secure
Question 5
Harold is the leader of a cohesive trivia team that is preparing to compete against teams from other colleges. To prevent groupthink in their answers and ensure that his team is successful in the trivia tournament, he should:
take a strong, directive role as their leader.
invite experts (who are not team members) to attend practice and provide feedback.
take the group to a cabin in the mountains so that other things do not distract them.
emphasize the connection between group members.
Question 6
Identify three physical characteristics that are seen as universally attractive. Briefly describe how “averaging” faces to create a composite influences ratings of attractiveness (including what change is typically seen in attractiveness ratings). Your answer must be a minimum of 75 words in length.
Question 7
Being around others can both help and hurt your performance on a task. Explain how the factors of physiological arousal and evaluation apprehension contribute to increased performance through social facilitation versus decreased performance through social facilitation and/or social loafing. Your answer must be a minimum of 75 words in length.
Question 8
Explain the three original attachment styles exhibited by infants in the strange situation paradigm. Then, list the type of attachment style you most identify with, and discuss why you believe this attachment style (and not either of the others) corresponds to your attitudes and behaviors in your romantic relationships. In your discussion, include assessment of parental treatment, adult self-esteem, and jealous tendencies. Your answer must be a minimum of 200 words in length.

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