The Futuring Analysis
I. Futuring Analysis Format (10 points)
A. Paper title page – name, instructor, title, due date (2)
B. Sections of paper labeled properly – see Content A-E below (1)
C. Type double-spaced, 12-point, Times New Roman font paper with 1-inch margins (2)
D. 4-5 pages (not including title page and reference page) (5)
Please do not exceed the 5-page limit –anything beyond 5 pages will not be considered for grading.
II. Futuring Analysis Content (55 points)
A. Introduction of the company – (you will use this company for the remaining assignments)
1. Share the type of company you head as CEO (manufacturing, medical, agricultural,
environmental, pharmaceutical, etc.) (1)
2. Share the name of your company, its location, and its employee base (3)
3. Share your company’s motto or mantra (2)
B. Introduction of the innovation (22)
1. Trace the scientific method (12) – briefly identify the observations, question, hypothesis,
experiment, results, and conclusion of primary article A.
2. Eureka! moment (5) – In 2-3 sentences, describe an aspect of primary article A
(introduction, materials, methods, results, discussion, or conclusion) that stood out to you
which you believe could lead to an innovative technique, project, product, or service in the
life sciences for your company. In other words, what piqued your interest?
3. Innovation (5) – Based on the Eureka! moment you have described, fully explain the
innovative technique, service, product, or research you have conceived. The innovation
must be a technique, project, product, or service that you conceived on your own –
not one already presented in primary article A.
C. Futuring techniques described (10)
1. Provide a general overview of futuring analysis (2)
2. Choose two futuring analysis techniques best suited for your innovative idea
a. Describe how each chosen futuring analysis technique is performed (4)
b. Explain the significance of each chosen futuring analysis in determining the
future of products and services in the life sciences. (4)
D. Futuring techniques applied (12)
1. Research the application of each futuring technique to your innovation
2. Present the results from applying each of your two chosen futuring analysis techniques
to your innovative idea in the chart below as phrases – not sentences (2 each)
3. Results must be presented in the table format below (single-spaced):
Futuring Technique 1
(Insert name of technique)
Futuring Technique 2
(Insert name of technique)
(3 results
for each)
• Result of futuring technique 1
• Result of futuring technique 1
• Result of futuring technique1
• Result of futuring technique 2
• Result of futuring technique 2
• Result of futuring technique 2
E. Conclusion (5) – Based on the results of both futuring techniques, explain whether you think
your potential innovation is a worthy investment of time and resources.
III. Paper References (20 points) No references = zero for this assignment
A. Use at least 5 credible references (10)
“Is My Source Credible?” https://sites.umgc.edu/library/libhow/credibility.cfm.
B. In-text references in APA format (5) (All references should be cited throughout the paper)
C. End references in APA-format (5) https://libguides.umgc.edu/apa-examples
IV. Paper Grammar (5 points)
Correct spelling, punctuation, capitalization, sentence construction, and paragraph construction will be
considered in the grading of this assignment

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