Giving and Receiving on Freecycle.Org

Abstract Consumers also know that usefulness can fade, and the pleasure that came from new purchases can be fleeting. Apart from the usual solution to this problem, which is to buy more new items, it’s worth thinking that getting rid of items that are no longer needed or wanted can feel as good as getting it. has made a name for themselves by doing just that. The concept has worked so well and because of word of mouth, many people want to become more “eco-friendly”, everyone cares about the environment and they want to do their part. One of the reasons they’ve been so successful, is because everybody wants to do their part to help the environment. Case Study: Giving and Receiving on Eight years ago, a…show more content…Effects on Consumer Buying Habits Consumers don’t seem to be making fewer purchases because of, but it certainly has to have an effect on the way consumers view their consumption habits as well as the way they view their “Garbage”. Using Freecycle, I’ve cleaned out my basement and furnished our offices. All at no charge and with the real sense that someone is benefitting by either getting rid of things they don’t need or getting things they do. Most of the people are incredibly nice and responsive. A few never pick up items and you move on to the next person on the list. Sometimes the person giving or receiving turns out to be a friend or neighbor, which always give you both a good laugh.(Stevens, 2011) This sense of purpose gives consumers a fresh view on the way they spend and it may cause some consumers to think getting an item that isn’t new might be better in the long run not only for themselves financially but for the environment and if the growth trend continues it may very well affect the way consumers make their purchases. Not to long ago consumers would go out and purchase something because they wanted/needed the item and liked it. If they could spare the money they would purchase it. Ever since the internet became such a popular and powerful tool consumers will look an item they want/need and read reviews and compare it in features and qualities as well as price. may become a catalyst; much like the internet did, and

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