Governance And Policy Making Process

Governance And Policy Making Process
Research Paper Guidelines
You will write a 5-7 page double-spaced typed paper on a nation-state of your choice. The paper should cover the geography, history and current political climate and culture of that country. It is need a works cited page with at least 4 sources. Your paper should follow the outline given below. The paper is due tomorrow before 12 am. (Miami Time)
Governance And Policy Making Process
I: History And Geographical Settings Of Your Country
In the opening section of your paper you should discuss your nation from a geographic perspective (e.g. how big it is, population, location, climate, special land features, etc..) as well as from an historical perspective (e.g. how the nation began and how it “got where it is today”).
II: Governance And Policy Making
In this section you should discuss the governing apparatus of the nation (such as whether it is a democracy or not, or a presidential as opposed to a parliamentary system, etc..). Pay special attention to the executive and judicial systems of both nations as well as any ‘quirks’ that make them unique in the world, an example being the United States’ Electoral College.
III: The Citizenry And Political Culture
Governance And Policy Making Process
In this section you should discuss the ethnic, religious and other socio-demographic factors that make up the country and the importance of each in establishing a unique national identity You also should make note of any cultural variables that also may affect the nation’s political behavior, such as a tradition of women not being allowed to vote or limited citizenship rights for certain groups within the society and why these customs/rules exist.
IV: The Future
Governance And Policy Making Process
In the concluding section of your paper, you should make a prediction on what you think the future holds in the next 10 years for the nation you chose to study. This discussion should include changes in demographics, governmental style, alliances with other nations, economic status among other nations of the world and the standard of living of the citizenry. You may also include other information you deem relevant to your particular nation.

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