Grace Millane was a British tourist visiting Auckland

Grace Millane was a British tourist visiting Auckland, New Zealand. She was a University of Lincoln graduate with a bachelor’s degree in marketing and advertising and was on vacation after a month and a half holiday in South America. Her sudden disappearance attracted widespread attention from local and international media (BBC News, 2020). Her parents felt things were a bit off when she failed to reply to their birthday wishes. Furthermore, she returned missed calls in 24 hours, prompting them to file a missing person’s report with the law enforcement officials three days later (BBC News, 2020). Findings from the report revealed that she did not return to her room on the night of her disappearance. Initially, the police ruled out the possibility of foul play, citing that Millane was still alive until fresh evidence surfaced to invalidate it (Green, 2020). The Police department heightened their investigations, treating a homicide case from December 8, leading to the arrest and charging of Kempson with murder. 
At the time of the arrest, Kempson was 26 years, born and raised in the wellington region. His grandfather and father raised him after his parents’ separation at the age of nine (Green, 2020). His mother relocated overseas while his father remarried. Kempson also attended Aotea College, where he played softball for various teams. He also worked as a laborer and bartender from 2013 to 2016. He is also a repeated offender, including drunken driving and disorderly behavior.
Crime Review
Jesse Kempson was convicted of murder and sext attacks of two more women. The court had banned the identification of the suspect during the trial to ease the investigation process. The offender was jailed for a minimum of 17 years for the murder of a British tourist. He is expected to serve this term concurrently with additional charges, including using a knife to threaten a woman’s life between November 2016 and April 2017 and raping another woman on their first date in April 2018 (Green, 2020). Kempson’s track record fitted his criminal profile because he continually lured and killed vulnerable women. Rd. Stables, the pathologist who conducted the post-mortem on Millane’s body, mentioned in his testimony before the judge that it was impossible to visualize the fear and anguish the deceased had in her lost moments alive (Green, 2020). She had bruises on her chest and arms and was strangled, which was consistent with pinned on a hard surface, which in this case could likely be the floor.
Additionally, Millane could not challenge her killer because Kempson was heavy and had rape and violent sex history. This practice made it easy to compel his victim to submit to the issued demands. Before leaving the hotel to the lift to the apartment, she appeared to have enjoyed the blind date, which is also evident in the text message she sent to her friend saying, “I click with him so well.” This message was the final communication with family and friends left in Britain. CCTV footage revealed that Kempson had downed four beer bottles at a local bar before meeting Grace. Ironically, their location was highly public, where she would have felt safe and secure. It also eliminated any possible doubts that her date for the night was caring and considerate and would not engage in anything sinister.
Although there is no visual evidence revealing the events that transpired in room 308 of the City Life hotel, it is still accurate that Kempson was the murderer. It shook the police when they noted that the defendant did not call emergency services but remained chilled. He even conducted several internet searches, which show his efforts to plan and conceal the crime (Whiteside, 2020). Kempson later buried Grace’s remains in a shallow grave and went on another Tinder date with a woman she had messaged earlier (Green, 2020). This date went well, and they eventually engaged in sexual activity. However, the lady exhibited discomfort after Kempson confessed how the previous rough encounter did not go well.
Overall, the analysis of this crime shows that Kempson is guilty of the murder of Grace and sexually assaulting vulnerable women. The defendant preyed on young and innocent individuals looking for fun in new regions and states. Forensic evidence and video footage linked him to the act, attracting at least 17 years of prison. Additionally, he would serve other sentences concurrently with this one. The trial lasted three weeks with a jury that comprised five men and seven women. They delivered their verdict after deliberating for over five hours. The Court of Appeal also dismissed the appealed charges and ordered the session of the name until adequate evidence was obtained to reduce the likelihood of overturning his conviction. 

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