Guided summary 3

focused  on an important development in twentieth-century science or technology  that impacted society. Write an summary on this development that covers  the four parts described below. You may choose any development in the  twentieth century, even those in disciplines we have not yet covered as a  class.
Part  I: thoroughly explain what the development was. Someone who has never  heard of the development you chose should be able to understand your  explanation.
Part II: explain how your chosen development was shaped by its social or cultural context and how it, in turn, affected society.
Part  III: get you sci fi on! Imagine that your chosen development had  emerged from a different social or cultural context, or with a different  representative population. Discuss how this imagined context would have  changed the development’s effects on society and/or other STEM fields.
Part  IV: what does the scenario you discussed in part III tell us about the  social context of STEM research? Does it suggest any changes that we  could make to reap more benefits from STEM going forward?

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