Heroes of the Trojan War

History homework help: Choose one of the following questions and write a 400 word answer on it.
1. We might expect to find quite a few examples of courageous and honorable behavior among the heroes of the Trojan War. Surely, we see these within the Iliad, but we also see much that seems less than virtuous or wise. Comment.
2. Much of what happens in the ancient world of the Iliad seems to be beyond the control of a mere mortal. Fate or the gods, or sometimes more powerful men and women, intervene and change things. Everyone else is simply along for the ride. Or, at least it seems that way sometimes. Perhaps not. Is there anything like genuine free will and the possibility for individual choices and destinies to exist within this ancient world? Explain.
3. Consider the way violence is described in the Iliad, and the way the characters respond to acts of violence. From what we have read, is violence accepted and supported in this culture, or is it opposed? Clearly some violence is permitted since these characters are engaged in a 10-year war, but is violence (and war) seen as a necessary evil, or as something glorious? Could it be both, or neither one? Explain.

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