History paper over wwii | History homework help

Choose 1 essay question and answer it IN DETAIL as completely as possible. Your essay should include an introduction, a body, and a conclusion and should be written in an ORGANIZED FASHION. Be sure to incorporate ideas brought up in, both, the reading and the lecture. This essay MUST bea minimum of TWO FULL PAGES, DOUBLE SPACED USING A 12pt TIMES NEW ROMAN FONT AND STANDARD MARGINS
How did the Treaty of Versailles make World War II inevitable? Why did the U.S. Senate fail to ratify the treaty? Be as detailed as possible and be sure to discuss the specifics of the treaty.
Describe the course of World War II in Europe and the Pacific. What factors led to the victory of the Allies?
SIDE NOTE: if you use any cites please provide MLA format…if none then it is fine 
SIDE NOTE 2: If you can do it earlier that would be awesome, if not then that is also fine
SIDE NOTE 3: please have the paper go between 2-3 pages…as long as its just a bit over 2 pages that is good

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