How Fashion images affect girls self esteem

How Fashion images affect girls self esteem
How Fashion images affect young girls self esteem?
Thesis: Fashion images gravitate young teenagers that result in low self- esteem cause by unrealistic media and influences.
A) Media
· Photoshop tricks teens into believing that skinny bodies are normal.
Tran’s research conducted that “… 3 out of 4 women stated that they were overweight although only 1 out of 4 actually were”(1).
· Media can trick a girl that results into disorders (Health/eating)
Tran explains, “ Teens are barraged with a constant stream of media and peer pressure related to body images”(1).
· Disturbing there time in education and family with being more involved in looking or feeling better
B) Social networking
· Young girls are looking older than there age. (Personal example) giving them
Gross “… believes that young girls need to learn how to perceive and react to social media”(1)
· Buying/ advertising products that will give them a sense of fulfillment and satisfaction that Is only achievable when bought.
Gross discusses that “Depression is linked with obesity in young girls”(1).
· Social networking can give young teens a perception that its okay to have that much makeup on at such a young age. (Example)
C) Modeling/runways
· Companies only pick models who are underweight to make it seem acceptable in young girls eyes.
Elect explains how “Most girls that strut down a runway are between the ages 14 to 19, 5 foot 10 and 11, with an average weight of 120 to 124 pounds”(1).
· We should regulate rules for not having harsh requirements for girls so that it looks equal in every ones eyes.
· Young girls often see themselves as what others see them versus how they see themselves
Elect explains, “… the study suggests that the teens self- image is largely based on how she believes others see her”(1).
D) Famous people
· Famous people’s lifestyles being portrayed into reality shows gives young teens the perception that getting injections or surgery done to alter there bodies Give example
Mayer describes this trend as “Dying to be thin in our celebrity driven culture has become prevalent not only with your daughters and songs, but also friends and family members”(1).
E) Society
· Society shapes and molds teens who are at the age of being peer pressured or easily influenced.
Mayer explains “The more we look at perfect images of others and then look to find those same idealised characteristics in ourselves and don’t find them, the worse we feel about ourselves”(2).
· We should teach younger kids to perceive surroundings differently by checking out there source of music and interests in what they like to keep a control and raise teens’ up to get them involved in not listening to there surrounding but more so being able to be themselves and accept themselves for what they look.
F) Peer’s
· Peer’s can also be a way to damage a teens self esteem
Example “ She got her hair dyed why can’t i?”
Mayer thinks and I agree that “Teens should appreciate the way they look already and be grateful”(2).
· The only way to get this point across to them is by guiding them into the light of reality and that not everyone is the same.

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