How has reading so many versions of Cinderella changed your understanding of the story?

The Reading Journal will be collected in Week 7. As you progress through this class, you will practice active, engaged reading by keeping a reading journal. You will write eight 0.5- to 1-page entries over Weeks 1 – 7 of class. The journal is informal in tone but should still be carefully edited and clearly structured with each entry labeled (e.g., Entry 2/Week 2/Cultural Values in “The Three Spinning Women”). Each week I will give you different response options for you to respond to in your journey. Write no more than two entries per week. Your journal must contain a works cited in APA format. Choose a set of questions from the options below to write your next entry in your journal. Week 2 Reading Journal Questions Which version of Cinderella was most surprising to you this week? What elements surprised you? Why do you think that it was so surprising? How has reading so many versions of Cinderella changed your understanding of the story? Which versions would you recommend to a middle grades child who is interested in something beyond the Disney version? How does Ella Enchanted comment on the roles that women are often assigned in fairy tales and in Western culture? What is Levine saying about the central fairy-tale theme of romantic love? Folk tales and fairy tales often reveal a lot about a culture’s values. Choose one of the tales from this week’s reading. What does this tale reveal of its culture? For instance, you might look at socioeconomic status in its culture. How could increasing the diversity of Cinderella representation be helpful for student learning and/or to promote a strong classroom culture? Each Cinderella story opens with a deep loss in the main character’s loss. Choose one or two Cinderellas to consider and look at what she loses and how she responds to this loss. What might this teach children about the losses they might face in life? In our Biblical Basis Reflection, we saw how important the spiritual roots of a text is for promoting spiritual development. Choose one of the readings for the week and reflect on how this piece promotes spiritual growth in children. Use specific examples. Reading Journal Frequently Asked Questions

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