How Technology-assisted reproduction

Technology-assisted reproduction will increase the life span of various individuals. Genetic manipulation ensures that one child is born without any defects resulting from inherited disorders. I have noticed that individuals born with multiple health problems have a higher chance of dying earlier than those born with any health problem. Technology helps to prevent health problems from occurring. Without the technology, health care providers would have to deal with certain inherited disorders. Good health ensures an individual can live for many years without serious health problems, thus leading to a longer life span. 
The use of technology-assisted reproduction help to conduct testing of pre-implantation stage embryos for genetic defects. This technology has been adopted to help couples whose potential offspring are at risk of having severe Mendelian disorders and chromosomal abnormalities. Besides, the technology boosts the offsprings’ immunity that helps mothers deliver healthy children. Also, the number of people born with various inherited disorders is minimized; hence, the children’s health is positively affected. Pre-implantation state embryo ensures that children born are in good shape. Thus, their life span is posed to be longer. Therefore, it is good for parents suspecting their genetic composition to undergo the process and ensure that their children’s health is prioritized. 
Technology-assisted reproduction facilitates sperm and egg donation. California cryobank, one of the largest sperm banks in the United States, help women to access the sperms of highly fertile men (Daniels 1). The ability to access donated eggs and sperms has given way for alternative family formation (Daniels 1). In a situation where the man is infertile, his wife can get the sperm from various donors, and the family will still be complete. Therefore, technology has created a better environment for the creation of families. The same happens when a woman is infertile and can get an egg donor and carry the pregnancy. Some of the qualities to consider when determining sperm donors include ethnicity, physique, and level of education (Daniels 7). Besides, technology-assisted reproduction help women to back them eggs until they are ready to carry the pregnancy and have children (Waldby 474). The practice is common among single women between 30 to 40 years in the United Kingdom. The process has been of great benefit to many people in the United States and globally. 

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