How to Create marketing media and increase traffic and analytics

Create marketing media and increase traffic and analytics:
Marketing media is a vital approach that increases business values and helps the company to achieve success. In our module, I was given to create a marketing media in order to increase the business value as the company focuses on technologies and innovation. The company has taken the help of media or their marketing as I observe that media is an important source of marketing in the present situation. It helps to attract artists to the project, which is done by me, as well as create interest by providing them raw resources, space, tools, and machines. A large number of artists provide us with a huge database that helps us to have multiple options to offer the customers as well as boost the customer base in order to increase productivity. I have settled on a dynamic and dependent focus in order to build a strong relationship with customers in order to get customer satisfaction and loyalty that help to increase the process of traffic and analytics. As the RAD 3D is a start-up and the entrepreneurs have focused on the more innovative ideas in order to turn it into a larger company which is only possible with my as well as the team’s contribution. 

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