How would an array of bricks work using the classes below. No magic numbers are allowed.

How would an array of bricks work using the classes below. No magic numbers are allowed./** * This class is used to store state information corresponding to a single Brick within the brick breaker game model.  * It provides basic information about the Brick’s position as well as information about the current strength of  * a Brick. All Bricks in brick breaker have a height of 20 and a width of 50, regardless of other state information. * */public class Brick{}   /**   *Creates a default level with a given dimension. The default brick configuration is a 5 row and 7   *column grid of Brick objects, each which requires 3 hits to break. Bricks are arranged starting   *40 pixels from the top edge of the screen and 10 pixels from the left edge of the screen. Bricks    *should be spaced with 5 pixels between each Brick in both dimensions. The Ball will start in the   *center of the screen, and the Paddle’s top-left edge should be positioned at the left edge and 20   *pixels up from the bottom of the screen.   * @param widthIn The logical width of the new level in pixels.   * @param heightIn The logical height of the new level in pixels.   */   Level(int widthIn, int heightIn)    {   }
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