HR 400 Purdue Global University Orientation Plan Essay

HR 400 Purdue Global University Orientation Plan Essay

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Employee orientation provides an opportunity to welcome new employees, provide them with key information, and acclimate them to the organization’s culture and practices. In this Assignment, you will develop an orientation plan for a company that includes an organizational and departmental orientation. 
You are the human resource manager for a 300-employee insurance company, and you would like to start a new employee orientation program. To get approval from the company’s senior managers, you develop a plan that outlines the reasons for conducting orientation and what content the program will include. In this plan, you will need to: 
1. Identify the reasons and purpose for conducting employee orientation. 2. Outline what would be covered in organizational and departmental orientation. 3. Indicate the length of the program, who will conduct it, and what formats will be used. 4. Describe if and how you would incorporate a Web-based component into the program.  

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