HRM531 Human Capital Management Help

HRM531 Human Capital Management Help
What people-related problems are likely to arise as a result of globalization, outsourcing, reducing organizational layering, alternate workplaces, and more contingent work arrangements? How can organizations optimize these changes for employees? As an employee how can you prepare for the probable changes in your future?
In a recent class, a student raised the concern a coworker was abusing the Family and Medical Leave Act. The coworker was frequently absent. The frequent absences were stressing the other team members and the employee’s performance was not at acceptable levels. What obligations does the Family and Medical Leave Act impose on employers? What rights does it grant to employees?
What is the best way to ensure that an organization is complying with employment laws? Explain your answer.
Most textbooks on human resources management put the organization’s HR function in charge of efforts to discourage the unionization of employees. Most managers are opposed to the unionization of the workforce and the thought of employees represented by a union. What are your views on unionization? Does a unionized workforce ever work to the benefit of the employer?
Cascio wrote Chapter 14 will provide guidance on “How do I fire people legally and humanely?”
I started my career in HR as an employee relations specialist. I advised managers on disciplinary actions – including terminations. I advised employees who were under the threat of discipline or termination on their rights and responsibilities. When I became a supervisor, I disciplined employees and terminated several. Several employees I terminated were supervisors. I worked the termination of two supervisors in the contracting function. The two supervisors were abysmal managers who made their staffs miserable. The only humane action was their termination for the benefit of the people who had to work for them.
If you have terminated another person, do you believe you acted “humanely?” If you have been terminated as a result of downsizing or corporate restructuring, was the action managed “humanely?”

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