HST 2086 Atlanta and its Neighborhood Demise Essay

This will be your chance to tie together what youve learned about such topics as affordable housing, gentrification, displacement, and megaproject redevelopment from the course readings and other material up to this point, as well as about the roles and responsibilities of universities like Georgia State in relation to their surrounding areas.
QUESTION/FOCUS: What are some of the sustainability challenges that urban neighborhoods like those on Atlanta’s near Westside have faced in recent decades? What factors were at work to produce these outcomes? What sorts of policy approaches were taken to what effect, and what kinds of strategies did neighborhood residents themselves undertake in addressing the challenges they faced? Based on what you know about the history of Georgia State’s nearby Westside neighborhoods, and about outreach initiatives at other universities, what would you say that community-Georgia State partnerships should look like for the best chance of success? As a Georgia State student, where do you see yourself personally in the process?
REQUIREMENTS: To earn a grade in the “A” range on this paper, you will need to utilize: 1) At least one of the assigned supporting readings (i.e. any assigned class readings besides Etienne); I do not wish for you to consult outside sources for this assignment, unless you were to decide to do so after first meeting the stated guidelines. I will evaluate papers not meeting the two above-stated main criteria accordingly.
NOTE: I will also expect you to cite your sources, which again should prioritize assigned course readings; parenthetical citations (MLA style) with an accompanying Works Cited page will suffice for this purpose.
As stated in the syllabus, this paper should be in the range of 4 pages
In this class we have been learning about the history of Atlanta and the neighborhood surrounding it. Mainly how low income and African-American neighborhoods where treated unfairly. Below I have attached a few supporting reading we read in class. Please use the information in these to write and use a quote or reference from these in the writing text.
Feel free to use any of the readings/website. Thank you!

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