Human behavior-week 1 | Management homework help

   Task 1:
Share a summary of your Analysis Assignment(please find attached Doc-Networking Questions and Networking diagram ) as well as THREE takeaways from the readings/videos (try for a minimum 200 words)(Please find attached readings/Videos). Complete your original post by Friday.
 Video link:
Task 2:
Then leave TWO replies on your classmates’ posts (100 word minimum).Please see below 2 classmate posts and give two replies accordingly. 
Post 1: 
Hi All,
I am pleasantly surprised how these articles we read this week are so right on for the unfortunate times we live in. They are easy to read and easily understandable for any reader. I have lot of takeaways, but i am going to emphasize on three, First one is Similarity-Attraction Paradigm explained so well by Dr. Forret. I felt this all the time that people with similar race, gender or ethnicity work comfortably and succeed in their work because of trusting each other and learning from each other. For example, in one of my MBA class when i entered the room i saw tables each with 4 chairs. I went and sat at one of the tables and 10mins into to the class I turned around and I was shocked how people coming in one by one picked their team. All the people with similar race sat together including my table. My second takeaway is from the PowerPoint presentation by Dr. Forret mentioning that networking is about giving either in terms of money, time, your effort/energy into helping someone. I tell my kids this all the time. Always do good and expect nothing. If someone reciprocates (also explained by Dr. Forret in her PowerPoint and the article Guide to successfully Navigate Career Changes) then it is good. My third takeaway is how Dr. Forret

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