Human Behaviour Social Environment

Human Behaviour Social Environment
In Chapter 13, you were presented with a global development case study utilizing the three feminist principles (see highlights 13-4, starting on page 506). Based on what you read, address the following questions:
Human Behaviour Social Environment
1. To what extent do you agree with the three feminist principles presented?
2. How valuable did the principles seem in implementing the three programmatic examples? Explain.
Human Behaviour Social Environment
3. To what extent do these feminist principles help to advance social and economic justice? Explain.
Week 15: Theoretical Functions of Communities
• Explore the functions of communities as part of “the range of social systems in which people live.”
• Identify the primary concepts involved in conceptual frameworks concerning community functions.
Human Behaviour Social Environment
• “Apply knowledge to understand person and environment” by assessing the similarities and differences among community functions.
Part 1: Match the following theoretical functions of communities from chapter 13 with their respective descriptions.
Part 2: After matching, address the following prompts (a

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