Human resource development model

Human resource development model:

Figure: Human resource development model
Source: (Chiappetta-Jabbour et al., 2008) 
The most widely used human resource development model is the perspective model HRD, which was introduced in 1991. HRD models are required to provide a strategic structure of training development and managing the professionals in order to make them the most competent for the job role. In this regard, HRD posts a crucial role in evaluating the activities of the employees. A most effective human resource model should focus on four components- Personal development, professional development, organizational development, and performance administration (Waight and Edwards, 2021). In this regard, it is worth noting that all four of these components are interconnected and affect each other. In order to achieve the most optimum level of human resource development, HRM also plays a crucial role. However, all of the mentioned models of HRM and HRD have their own limits when it comes to virtual commodities. In this regard, those limitations and the possible solutions will be discussed in the next section of the study. 

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