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Respond to these to posts in your own word please 6 sentences each
In the pre-historical era, it cannot be denied that some arts were created for religious reasons as humans were starting to engage in religious behaviors such as burying the dead and performing rituals, but most cave paintings based off of what I saw in the Learning Outcome seem to have very little to do with religion. For example, most of the paintings in the *Chauvet Cave* are animal paintings, infact over 900 paintings depict animals. Religious behaviors for them back then included honoring fallen humans such as burying them and performing rituals for them, so if the paintings were religious they wouldn’t paint animals, they would paint fallen humans. It was also said in the text that drawings of humans were extremely rare to the drawings of animals which supports my claim that these paintings were not religious. Not to mention, that humans back then hunted and came across animals on a daily basis. The humans may have painted these paintings maybe to paint every type of animal they’ve killed or come across.
Furthermore, archaeologists have found more caves such as the *Altamira* and the *Lascaux* which also have an abundance amount of animal paintings. All in all, I don’t know if my theory is correct of these paintings representing animals they came across or if they drew animals for another reason but I doubt that these paintings have much to do with religion.
I believe that most of prehistoric arts were created for religious beliefs. For example, in Altamira, the gallery contains animal faces, like bison and deer. Almost in every culture,  bisons have been recognized as symbol of strength and unity. Maybe this cave have been used by humans to gather for religious rituals, in unity and strong . On the other hand,in many religions deers are symbol of spiritual authority, and reproduction. 
Second, is the Venus figurine. One explonation of these figurines is the myth they represent the goddess Venus. They have two traits related with the goddess of beauty, fertility and sexuality. By their description they don’t look like portraits of real women, they look more likely religious icons. They were very small, so might have been held in hands while people praised their goddess.
Third, Stonehenge, which was one of the largest stones monuments. Build with stones, whose color would appear blue once they get wet. Stonehenge was a historic place that was used for burial, ceremonial site, a religious pilgrimage destination, and a place where people could spiritually connect with ancestors. 

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