I need some assistance with these assignment. family of law Thank you in advance for the help!

I need some assistance with these assignment. family of law Thank you in advance for the help! The judges will study other cases of theft from the past and extract their principles, and then use them to punish her. The kind of punished will be the same as the punishment given to other thieves in precedent theft cases. Gender and nationality of the friend cannot affect the ruling of the judges as long as she committed the theft offense in the Great Britain territory. The law is fair because it ensures that the guilty party is judged according to the judgments of the past similar cases.In France, the main type of law applied is the civil law. This type of law entails private laws on property, inheritance, family, and contract laws (Bell, 1998). Disputes are settled by allowing the two parties to engage in agreements, and if the agreements are broken by one or both parties the courts intervene by applying constitutional laws and statutes to pass resolutions.The theft of the friend could be death with in France by applying the civil law. The theft can be reported by the offended party to the relevant authorities who then apply the property law to enhance fairness to the owner of the property stolen. The friend may be required to pay for damages or can be jailed in court for a number of years determined by the law.The fact that the friend is a foreigner or a lady cannot influence the decision of the authorities in France under the civil law because the statutes and the constitutional laws apply to all cases committed in France. The law is fair because it follows the statutes and the constitution which are used to protect the rights of the citizens, e.g. the right to own property.The third country that can be considered in this essay is Saudi Arabia. The family of law that may apply in Saudi Arabia is theocratic law. This type of law depends on the doctrine of religion which suggests that the ruler of the people is God or the gods (Hirschl, 2010).
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