Identify the common network hardware components

Specifically, your report should include the following: Key Considerations: Summarize the key considerations of the project, being sure to identify your chosen location. For example, what are the must-haves? What are the constraints? In this section, you will: Determine the appropriate communications media and mode of data transport for the new network. This could be an opportunity to explain the OSI stack in relation to a modern communications network. Identify the common network hardware components for this new location. Describe the important IP range considerations for a company of your size. LAN topology Describe possible LAN topologies that could be used at the new location that support the desired architecture. Compare the identified LAN topology possibilities based on their relative strengths and weaknesses in regard to support practices. Based on your comparison, determine the appropriate LAN topology for this location to allow for optimal support practices. Be sure to explain your reasoning.

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