Impact Of Right To Work laws On unions

Current Trends On Unionizing Process
Current Trends on Unionizing
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Current Trends on Unionizing
According to the National Labor Relations Act of 1935, workers in the United States were given the right to join unions to help them bargain with their employers on issues such as pay and working conditions. A critical examination of unionization indicates that the number of individuals joining rose steadily since it became a right and later started declining in the last few decades. It is vital to acknowledge that unionization has increased from 2020 since the discovery of the Covid-19 pandemic. This paper aims to discuss the current trends of unionization and how it has been affected by the Covid-19 pandemic.
Current Trends On Unionizing Process
Successful and failed attempts at unionizing in big tech
In the big tech industry, the thriving of unions is often thwarted by the managers of the companies. However, some of the workers in Google have managed to form a union, which has significantly helped solve their issues at work. Over the years, the formation of unions in the big tech industry has been a nightmare as there are many critics about the benefits of unions. Some of the Google workers have formed a new union known as the Alphabet Workers Union, which aims at altering unfavorable policies on pay and harassment, and ethics in the workplace. It is vital to acknowledge that the union was formed secretly, and it is affiliated with a union that represents employees in telecommunications and media in the US. The formation of the union is a clear indication that employee activism is taking root in the big tech industry.
Current Trends On Unionizing Process
As much as some of the companies in big tech industry are trying to allow their members to unionize, others like Amazon have consistently thwarted any workers’ attempts to form unions. It is vital to acknowledge that Amazon has managed to thwart any efforts of its workers since its founding in 1994 (Palmer, 2020). One reason Amazon does not want its workers to unionize is that they believe that the unions will disrupt their control over its warehouse and employees. Additionally, Amazon thwarts efforts to form unions because they fear that such unions will expose their aggressiveness on employees and workplace unrest (Palmer, 2020). Most individuals have questions why Amazon, a major player in the big tech industry, does not want its employees to join unions.
Current Trends On Unionizing Process
Impact of Covid-19 on unions
The covid-19 pandemic has had numerous impacts on unions that represent the rights and freedom of workers. One of the impacts of the pandemic is that unions have actively got involved in policy-making, especially through social dialogue to influence policy decisions. During the Covid-19 pandemic, unions have been on the frontline fighting for workers to retain their jobs and ensure that vulnerable workers have social protection (Ford

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