Importance of Group Communication

Define any 6 (SIX) important GROUP COMMUNICATION Terms below in detail (give clear EXAMPLES to best illustrate your answers) @ 5 points each. Please be clear and specific in your writing. Roughly one very strong or possibly two lengthy/solid paragraphs is sufficient.
1. COGNITIVE/Informational Diversity within a Group
2. BRAINSTORMING within a Group Setting
4. MINDFUL Communication within a Group
5. OVERGENERALIZATION within a Group Discussion
6. FALLACIES within Group Discussions
7. AREA OF Freedom within a Group Meeting
8. RISK TECHNIQUE within a Group Setting
➢ Part II. Concise Short-Answer Essays
Please answer all 5 (five) of the following questions. Please be very clear, concise and unambiguous in your answers in order to receive a full 10 points per question! (A minimum of three strong and well-written paragraphs per
question is required to receive full credit).
1. Describe the very notion of Appreciative Inquiry within a group setting, is this approach desirable or un-desirable and why or why not?
2. What do you believe constitutes the Definition of a Group and why are groups essential to the social fabric of every community or global culture?

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