Importance of the appraisal and feedback to the employee

Do the following:
For this week’s assignment you will write a 500-word essay on the importance of the employee performance appraisal. Support your position by citing the text and/or other researched sources. Be sure to identify all sources.
The performance appraisal is an important function within the healthcare industry. Answer the following questions in your essay:
What is the importance of the appraisal and feedback to the employee?
How is the appraisal related to the accomplishment of organizational objectives?
What is the value of the appraisal to the employee and the organization?
Identify and explain the components of an .
As an HR executive or how you would handle a negative evaluation?
What steps would you initiate to improve an employee’s performance?
Be sure to:
Present your essay in the for an academic exercise.
Submit an essay free of spelling errors and .
Support your conclusion with examples or cite researched sources.

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