Important Role Within My Life Essay

My Integrative paper is based on my grandmother who has played a very important role within my life.  Through my life my grandmother has been a constant source of support who has provided our family with loving care over many decades.   She has experienced many struggles, triumphs, changes, and up’s and downs over the course of her life.   As she approaches her ninety third birthday she is still a vibrant source of energy, companion, love and strength for myself and my family. According to Hutchison the life course perspective is the relationship between time and human behaviors.  “Biological, psychological, and social factors act independently, cumulatively, and interactively to shape people’s lives from conception to death”().   These events shape a person’s life based on event histories, and are impacted from different periods within their lives.  Cohorts, Transitions, Trajectories, Life events and Turning Points are all basic concepts of the life course perspective and can be seen as major factors in the timing of lives in individuals.  In addition major themes of the life course perspective also play a large role this theory.  Individual and family development is a historical component that allows insight into family histories.  These components allow for a better understanding of formal experiences of a person’s life and how it relates to other people of the same generation.  Timing of lives allows, for comprehension into a person’s age that is seen as either
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