Improvement of people’s living standard

With the remarkable improvement of people’s living standard, abundant nutritious food has caused non-communicable diseases become incredibly common nowadays, which globally causes 63% of death and it is going to continuously increase in the future. (citedO) It is necessary for people to start to attach great importance to eating habit in their daily lives. This report is about the role of public health dietitians including the organisations they work in, what they do, who they usually work with, what health problems they need to deal with, and more importantly, how do they contribute to the health system and how they will play a more important role in New Zealand’s health system in the future.
Public health dietitians’ work options are broad, they can work in various places such as in food manufacturing sector, in relevant government departments, education sector and management. The TYPE of organisations that public health dietitians in New Zealand can work in probably is public ownership, public funding, non-for-profit and community based organisations. In New Zealand, public dietitians can work in, for example, Cancer Society, which is an independent non-government organisation that is non-for-profit and totally funded by community.(Cancer Society) It does not only serve for the people who already had cancer , but also help those one who may expose to the risk factors of cancer to prevent cancer and manage their health from their present to their future.(Cancer Society)

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